BGV1 - Falcon Limited Edition Gloves

BGV1 - Falcon Limited Edition Gloves

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Premium Grade A leather in special gold color  (BGV1). Influenced by Horus, the Egyptian god 

Gold represents power, strength and perfection. The ancients used gold to symbolize balance in all things, as in the golden mean.

For this reason, Fairtex chose gold as the color for the 13th release of the limited edition gloves, with the Fairtex logo distinctively separated across each one.

The gloves also prominently feature two special attributes of the ancient god ‘Horus’: a pair of falcon’s wings and the distinctive ‘Eyes of Horus’. Horus was known as the god from the sky and was worshipped as the god of the sun, war and protection. Horus took the form of a falcon, with his left eye representing the moon and his right eye, the sun.