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Muay Thai and all martial arts (including but not limited to MMA, kickboxing, boxing, and BJJ) are dangerous sports. 

Training, practice, sparring and fighting can all lead to serious injury or death with or without protective gear. 

Our Fairtex brand equipment is sourced directly from the manufacturer without additional testing or inspection. It is your responsibility to inspect all equipment before each use and to familiarize yourself with the proper use and wear of each item. Know your limits and train responsibility.

Protective gear and training gear lose effectiveness over time and with use. By using gear purchased through Seattle Fairtex you accept responsibility for regularly inspecting your equipment and replacing items before they become unsafe and the risk that comes with unexpected gear failure.

Because Martial Arts training requires significant expertise to do properly, we are unable to advise individuals about proper operation of our gear over phone, email or writing. If you train, you must do so with an experienced coach/teacher who can teach proper usage of all protective and training equipment.